The official thought the Chinese woman was too ugly to rape


Photo: Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

Officials in the Chinese province of Hebei called the woman, who claimed rape, not pretty enough for the victims of such crimes. It is reported by Hong Kong’s Free Press.

As writes the edition, 46-year-old Chinese surname Fu in 2016, spoke about the attacks of the disciplinary Committee that monitors the behavior of public officials. According to the woman, in 2014-2015 it three times raped by the party Secretary of her village. Man surnamed Kong denied such accusations: according to him, the woman slander him.

Later the case was transferred to the regional branch of the party. Last week, the media contacted his head of by the name of Hao. He said he decided not to investigate the allegations after a few conversations with the party Secretary.

“Tsuyu was already more than 50 years, and you have not seen this woman… I can’t say that she is awful ugly, but her appearance did not promote occurrence of some wishes,” he said. According to him, Fu “intentionally wants to harm another person who is not paying attention to my reputation.” At the same time, Hao added that the party requires politicians to work honestly, and to defend the Secretary-no one is going.

Similar statements have caused indignation in the network. Users said that even the elderly are subject to such attacks, and it has nothing to do with beauty. Some wondered, does the statement Hao, Tsui ready to rape any girl. However, some sided with the party worker.

As noted by Chinese activists, insult the victims of sexual violence widespread in China. According to her, this tactic of retaliatory charges helps officials to cover each other.

The local branch of the party later reported that the disciplinary Commission is in this story. At the same time, accusations of Fu cops do.

In June, Italian prosecutors have stopped investigating a case of sexual harassment against 74-year-old well-known sports official, considering that his 50-year-old victim was “too old” for any harassment.

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