The pilot told about the lost MiG-29K is a huge rocket


Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

During the first applications launched from carrier-based fighter MiG-29K anti-ship cruise missile was lost telemetrically, told TASS honored test pilot of the USSR Toktar Aubakirov.

Hero of the Soviet Union recalled an incident that occurred in the late 1980-ies when testing missiles X-31A and X-35 in the area of Feodosia Bay. Then Aubakirov launched from MiG-29K in the waterlogged barge anti-ship missile (specific model rocket is not called).

“This huge rocket left. But it was without a warhead, said the pilot. — And no. All. Telemetric lost it”. Subsequently Aubakirova was able to explain to the military how to find a rocket. “That’s the point. Look for it. Need a diver. She went half a meter below the waterline” — said the honored test pilot of the USSR.

According to him, the diver, sent to check, found “there’s a ten-foot hole.” “And here is the first use of the MiG-29K anti-ship missiles was a success,” said the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Also Aubakirov said that the new engines working in CHR (emergency mode), allowed the MiG-29K to withstand overload of up to 9g. “He’s in afterburner added a few hundred pounds. Each engine has added half a ton, and therefore a sharp increase in the thrust-plane (the ratio of engine thrust to the weight of the aircraft — approx. “Of the”), explained the test pilot. But this mode of the CR was used only for a few seconds. When the pilot included the Czech Republic on the rise, then immediately it was turned off, as lost, otherwise the engine could fail and burn.”

In July 2018, The National Interest wrote that the modernization of MiG-29 to MiG-29M and MiG-29SMT provides aircraft avionics the su-27, however, the cost is extremely expensive.

MiG-29K is a carrier-based version upgraded fighter fourth generation MiG-29. The latest version of the aircraft, which received the elements of stealth technology, modern avionics and a radar station, its characteristics are closer to the fighters of the 4++ generation. The only Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov can accommodate up to 36 units of the MiG-29K.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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