The police began to search for the authors of the movie on a crowded train


Photo: home “PE Sochi” in “Vkontakte”

In the main Department of the MIA of Russia in Krasnodar region considered false information about the police crowded train to Sochi. The statement is published on the Agency’s website.

The text says that the pictures where the police lie in the passages due to the lack of space, staging. As evidence of the Ministry of interior leads some video sent by a subscriber of the official account of the police of the Kuban press service. “In a press-service there was a video sent by a subscriber of the official account of the police of the Kuban, which you can see empty shelves and police lying on the floor, which proves that the photo taken in the train, are staged.”, — stated in the message. The video police showed.

“In fact the emergence of online photo and video materials assigned to the inspection, employees are set, spread about the pictures,” — said in the regional Department.

The reason for the proceedings was the publication in social media about how police officers, who worked in Sochi for the world Cup taken away from duty. One of the subscribers of the group “accident and emergency. Sochi” — a law enforcement officer, without revealing his name, said that the coupe planted on eight people, and those who do not have enough space, I stood in the aisle. In the network there were pictures of trains. They are seen as people in civilian clothes lying on mattresses laid on the floor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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