The purchase of Russians on the Internet will impose additional charges


Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

The government of Russia may introduce additional payments for citizens making purchases in foreign online stores. The relevant amendments to the law “On customs regulation” was approved by the state Duma Committee on budget, they are prepared to accept in the second reading, reports “Interfax”.

The document proposes to empower the government “to establish payment in respect of goods acquired by individuals in international e-Commerce, as well as the order and terms of payment”.

According to current rules, made in foreign online stores the purchase of a total value not more than a thousand euros a month and not weighing more than 31 kilograms may be imported to Russia free of charge. Excess of purchase are subject to 30 percent duty. While in the Customs code of the EEU stipulates the gradual reduction of the tax — free threshold up to 200 euros by 2020.

In recent months, various agencies have several times made proposals to tighten the rules. The Federal customs service has suggested to impose duties of 20 percent all purchases. The latest initiative came from the Ministry of Finance. It provides for a reduction in the threshold to 500 euros per month in 2019 and up to 200 Euro 2020. In this case the rate of duty will be reduced to 15 percent.

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