The Turks revealed the circumstances of the death quarreled with Russian Ukrainian


Photo: Kenan Gurbuz / Reuters

A tourist from Russia Andrey Commendable not beaten a resident of Zaporozhye Andrew the Owl half to death, and pushed him, then the Ukrainian hit his head on a hard surface. It is reported by TSN.

Co-owner of the hotel complex Atilla Doner said that the Russian crept into the territory of the hotel, where the rest of the Owl, and went to watch all the football on the terrace. “Our beaches are nearby. That evening he went to the same beach, and together with Ukrainians, they went to watch the football. We, of course, was not expelled, although he broke the rules,” said Doner.

According to him, the conflict between the Ukrainian and Russian broke out after a verbal altercation, then a Commendable pushed the Owl, and he hit his head on a hard surface.

“He was immediately detained by the guards of our hotel, and then we put it in the hands of police”, — said the Manager of a hotel complex Murat Guclu.

In the Department, the offender paid over thousands of dollars to get out on bail and continue the trip, but later he was again arrested. At the moment Praiseworthy is awaiting trial in prison, he faces 8 to 12 years of imprisonment.

A representative of the tourist company Mavlyud of Marjane denied the rumors that the Ukrainians refused to treat for free. He noted that the hospital was obliged to take the victim as he entered there with bleeding.

15 July Andrew, the Owl died. The evening of 17 July, his body must be delivered by a special flight home.

Earlier, on 11 July, it was reported that a tourist from Russia broke into the grounds, where the rest of Ukrainian, and beat him half to death. In the incident, a resident of Zaporozhye in a coma, and the owner of a travel Agency said that the treatment will have to pay the family of the victim, as the case of non-insurance. Later the wife of Ukrainian said that she had no money for treatment and transportation of her husband.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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