Trump called the strengthening of NATO credit for


Donald Truephoto: Yves Herman / Reuters

The US President Donald trump has claimed responsibility for the strengthening of NATO. About this he wrote on his Twitter account.

“The NATO summit was wonderful. They already spent [on defense] 33 billion dollars and will spend hundreds of billions because of me, he said. — NATO was weak, but now she’s strong again (which is bad for Russia).”

Trump also noted that after his visit to Brussels, the media criticized him for his tough dealing with the European leaders and pay no attention to the financial side.

Trump has repeatedly criticized member States for insufficient military spending. According to the American leader, instead of the 2 per cent NATO countries must contribute to the military 4 percent of GDP. Besides the two per cent figure must be reached earlier than in 2014 as provided in the applicable Declaration.

The United States spends on NATO 3.58 percent of GDP — more than any other.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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