Turkish security forces began to kidnap people in Ukraine


Photo: Graeme Robertson / Reuters

Turkish special services have kidnapped in Ukraine and taken to Turkey two of its citizens suspected of aiding terrorists. On Tuesday, July 17, according to “Strenia”.

Sources in the Turkish Diaspora of Ukraine told that on 12 July in Odessa in broad daylight was kidnapped businessman Salih of Segi Igit (Salih Zeki Yiğit). He was approached by two strangers and spoke to him in Turkish. “After Salih Zeki got into the car, tied and transported to the territory of the Turkish Consulate. In the Turkish Consulate in his “pressed” and the power secretly moved to Turkey. Now Salih Zeki Igit is in custody in Mersin in Turkey,” — said “Strenia”. July 13, information about the arrest of a businessman appeared in the Turkish media.

Turkish journalist and political refugee Yunus Erdogdu, living in Kiev, said that the Turkish authorities made a list in Ukraine are people who need to steal. “Now the Turkish authorities have compiled a list of eight people — political refugees, Turkish citizens who oppose [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan. The list was announced by the authorities. All are going to steal from the Ukraine where they came, hiding from the Erdogan regime. It is planned to complete the sweep of the opposition living in Ukraine”, — told Eroglu.

“Unfortunately, to handle complaints and petitions or requests for protection to the Ukrainian authorities, we can’t. For one reason — after the abduction of the two Turkish citizens in Ukraine, the press Secretary, Erdogan said that he thanked the Ukrainian authorities for their cooperation in the return of Turkish citizens to their homeland. How can we trust those who cooperate with Erdogan’s intelligence services?” he added.

Turkish law enforcement officers accused of Higuita and Inan, in cooperation with FETO — socio-political movement based on the ideas of Turkish preacher and writer Fethullah Gulen. Gülen, 1999 living in the United States, in turn, is accused by Ankara in the preparation of the military coup in the country, launched on 15 July 2016 and ended in failure. FETO recognized in Turkey as a terrorist organization.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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