Women have outnumbered men in deaths from heart failure


Photo: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Scientists of the University of Ottawa (Canada) found that the risk of death from heart failure is higher among women than men. It is reported by The Economic Times.

As writes the edition, death from heart disease is 35 percent of the total mortality due to cardiovascular disease in women. However, experts do not know exactly whether this figure from the floor.

The researchers analyzed data from 2009 to 2014 more than 90 of the thousands of patients diagnosed with heart failure living in the province of Ontario. Women accounted for 47 per cent of patients, but they are more than patients-men, were suffering from chronic diseases had a low income and, in General, were older.

It turned out that the number of new cases of heart failure was low in 2011-2012, however, began to grow in the next year. Within one year after diagnosis died 16.8 percent of women (7156 people), and men — only 14.9 percent (7138 people). The hospitalization rates were also higher among women and accounted in 2013, 98 per 1000 patients (males 91 per 1,000).

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