A German journalist noted the transformation of the “Russian people”


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A journalist of the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung Andreas Reutenauer (Andreas Ruttenauer) said that the world Cup “turned Russian people.” A column dedicated to the world Cup, he has published after the end of the world tournament.

In the article “How Russian are the people”, Reutenauer talks about the changes that the Cup brought to the Russian reality. According to him, the spectator has become a universal license that gives the bearer the right to smile and to police minor violations.

According to the reporter, holding the championship in “this strange country” cost of such changes. However, notices of Rittenauer, the transformation of the “Russian people” was limited to only four weeks of the world Cup. According to him, during the last few days of the tournament it was noticeable that everything is back to normal: for example, the police became rougher, because “can do again what she always does”.

Reutenauer, noted that many Western tourists was more Soviet than it actually is and was surprised by the positive atmosphere. He drew attention to the fact that he had met many Russians dreaming of emigration: the journalist is sure that many of them are tired of the corruption, censorship in networks and large inappropriate budget expenditures. According to the reporter, the desire for freedom is felt in Russia is almost everywhere.

“If at least some of the arriving fans take from the Russian view that true freedom is the highest good, then you would probably really be called the world championship of 2018 the best of all time”, — concluded Reutenauer.

In mid-July, the newspaper The Independent has compiled a list of 45 interesting facts about Russia that has shared foreign journalists after visiting the world Cup. Reporters noted the Russians ‘ love for dill and Lenin.

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