A pensioner has established a memorial on the site of a mass grave of soldiers


Archived fotofoto: Masterman Simon / TASS

In the village Chertovitsy Voronezh region 88-year-old Ekaterina Filina put in order the forgotten mass grave of the great Patriotic war, which may be the remains of thousands of Soviet soldiers. This writes “My! Online”.

The woman, with the support of local residents made a place of burial of weeds and old trees, organized flower alley and found a homemade plaque of wood.

About the mass burial of the woman learned in the mid-1980s. In 2013 she talked about it to the local authorities, when they heard that the government helps them to build. The result was reburied more than 200 soldiers.

“It was all done for show, — said the publication of the pensioner. Well, they have these buried a couple of hundred, and about a thousand others that remained in the ground, forgotten. And place of burial, no one even stone did not bother to put it or a sign”.

June 19, reported the discovery of a mass grave of people executed by the Nazis. The remains of more than 650 people: soldiers and local residents, found during excavations in the town of Nesvizh in the Minsk region of Belarus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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