A renowned plastic surgeon went into hiding after the death of the patient


Photo: Denis Furtado page in Facebook

The famous Brazilian plastic surgeon, known under the name Dr. boom boom, disappeared after the death of the patient. This was reported by local news site G1.

Dr. Denis Furtado (Denis Furtado) performed the procedure of buttock augmentation patient Lillian Calixto (Calixto Lilian) at home in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, July 14. Suddenly the woman became ill. The man brought the Brazilian to the hospital, but her condition continued to deteriorate and in a few hours she died.

Thereafter, the surgeon disappeared, and the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. The girl 45-year-old Furtado, who worked as a Secretary at the clinic and, presumably, helped him to operate, was taken into custody. It is known that she studied medicine, but dropped out of University. Local medical Council began an investigation into the death of the patient.

The doctor appeared regularly on Brazilian TV, and his page in Instagram, which is now deleted, were about 650 thousand subscribers.

The victim of a surgeon was 46 years old, she worked in banking and raised two children. Calixto came to the surgery from another region of the country. Not yet established exactly what substance was introduced to the patient. However, in their video in social networks, the surgeon talked about the use of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) for buttock augmentation. In cosmetics it is used as a detective for the soft tissues.

Niveo Steffen (Niveo Steffen), President of the Brazilian society of plastic surgeons, noted that the industry appeared a lot of Amateurs: “the Operation cannot be conducted at home. Many people sell unrealistic images of patients using unethical tricks, and they are bought at lower prices and do not evaluate how adequate these conditions.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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