Accused of raping a musician sued the journalists a fortune


Cliff Richardpoe: Rob Pinney /

British singer cliff Richard (Cliff Richard) sued the TV company “Bi-bi-si” 210 thousand pounds (more than 17 million rubles at the exchange rate on July 18, approx. “Of the”) for the broadcast of the police search of his home. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mirror.

In 2014, law enforcement officers conducted an inspection on suspicion of a musician in sexual violence. Later the case was closed because the allegation was not substantiated.

The artist managed to prove that stream the RAID violated his right to privacy. In his opinion, the coverage of police action also ruined his reputation and prevented further work. According to star, after the search, he felt that his life stopped.

According to the employee of justice, the journalists committed a crime “serious and sensational” way. Amount awarded payments was made up of 190 thousand pounds for General damages and 20 — related “aggravating circumstances”. “Sir cliff was right to inviolability of private life, and “Bi-bi-si” unreasonably violated this right,” said judge Mann (Mann). It also decided that the artist can later qualify for other payments from the Corporation.

Earlier, police South Yorkshire has agreed to pay Richard 400 thousand pounds (about 33 million rubles — approx. “Of the”) on the claim about the actions of law enforcement officers.

Richard came under suspicion in the case of sexual abuse of minors in the summer of 2014. The police assumed that the artist entered into an intimate relationship with a child in 1985. The musician pleaded not guilty, while actively communicate with law enforcement officers participating in the interrogation. In the end, the police did not show the musician charges, removing all suspicions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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