American all night went to work and got a gift car


Frame: Bellhops / YouTube

American student walked 32 kilometers in fear to be late the first day on the job and received the gift of the car. This was reported by news outlet USA Today.

Walter Carr (Walter Carr) from Birmingham, Alabama, for a very long time could not find a job. When 20-year-old American finally got a job as a longshoreman, his car broke down on the eve of the first day in a new place. He looked how to get our GPS and decided to walk. Carr went in the evening.

Along the way, it drew the attention of the police. Impressed by the act of the student, he gave him Breakfast, drove up and dropped off at the Church for six miles to the house where Carr had to work that day. Cost him to go through quite a bit, as it was picked up by another police car. Hear the story of the men the mistress asked him to relax before the arrival of the truck, but he refused.

When the man found out the head of the company Marklin Luke (Luke Marklin), he came to see the porter and gave him the keys to the Ford Escape 2014.

Carr plans to finish College in December with a degree in “medical science”. After that, he would like to serve in the Navy and then to study at the Institute, a physical therapist. He admitted to reporters that he was glad even just to find work: “I wanted to come before eight, and to show that I have a huge desire to get this job at any cost. Nothing is impossible, not until you do it is impossible.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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