American allowed in the house a stranger and left without a nose


Photo: @TomAbrahams13

The Texan accused in the attack. According to the victim, the woman bit off a huge piece from her nose and swallowed it. It is reported by ABC7.

Allegations against the 41-year-old Jessica Collins (Jessica Collins). The injured girl, who introduced Tatiana, said that he met with Collins at the bar: she was accompanied by her neighbor.

After the bar, all three went to the apartment of Tatiana. Collins demanded more alcohol and cigarettes. Tatiana asked her to leave the house, she pushed the hostess of the apartment on the floor, grabbed her by the hair. After she bit off his nose and ate it.

The victim admitted that it was not aware of the incident until the moment that came into the er. “I started to call my husband and scream into the phone “I Have no nose, I’m 28 years old, and I have no more nose!””, — said the victim.

She also complained that she had no medical insurance, so she can’t afford plastic surgery. Doctors warn that it must be done within two weeks. Friends of the victims have launched a campaign to raise funds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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