American learned the awful truth about Santa-the Nazis and rebelled against Lithuania


Photo: Salon

American journalist Sylvia Foti (Foti Silvia) has criticized Lithuania for giving honors her grandfather, who participated in the extermination of Jews during the Second world war. About it she wrote an article in the publication Salon.

The journalist was going to write a book about his grandfather, whom she knew as a fighter against the Soviet regime, who was killed by the KGB. Jonas noreika, according to family stories, led the County in the North-West of the country and fought the Nazis.

In 2000, Foti went to Lithuania and was surprised with the honours met her as a relative of Neraki. At home he was known under the name of the General Wind. According to Foti, in Lithuania it was called a national hero and asked for faster release a book about him. American installed a memorial plaque on the facade of the Library of the Academy of Sciences of Lithuania.

Subsequently, the reporter started his own investigation about the “exploits” of his grandfather and learned that the head of the County he was appointed the German occupiers. Moreover, noreika was the author of anti-Semitic brochure, “Lift your head, Lithuanian!”.

In 2013, the woman began to collaborate with a specialist on the Holocaust Simon Davidavicius. It turned out that noreika was involved in the murder of more than ten thousand Lithuanian Jews. He also took the family one of the houses previously owned by murdered Jews.

At the end of the article, Foti charged the Lithuanian authorities in the concealment of crimes of Lithuanians who collaborated with the Nazis. The journalist was trying to achieve the removal of the memorial plaque, installed it earlier, but the Lithuanian authorities have not went to meet her.

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