Disclosed a range of “Dagger” for the Tu-22M3 and MiG-31K


Photo: RIA Novosti

Range hypersonic missiles aviation complex “Dagger” will reach about 3000 kilometers with a missile-bomber Tu-22M3, whereas in the case of the fighter-interceptor MiG-31K it is more than 2000 kilometers, reported by TASS source in the military-industrial complex.

The interviewee noted that the range of application of a complex “Dagger” has the meaning defined as the sum of the combat radius of carrier aircraft (usually two times less than its maximum range) and a private range missiles starting immediately after its launch from a carrier. “Tu-22M3, which will soon be tested missile, the range of objectives hypersonic missile will be more than 3000 kilometers,” — said the source.

The source refused to name the exact private the range of the missile complex “Dagger”.

The RIA Novosti source said that the missiles “Dagger”, launched from the MiG-31K, can hit targets at a distance three times farther than the rocket complex “Iskander” (1500 km against 500).

High-precision aircraft missile complex “Dagger” was presented by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in March of this year. Then the head of state noted that the range of the complex (in the case of the carrier, the MiG-31K) exceeds 2,000 kilometers. According to reports, the missile “Dagger” is a modernized version of the managed quasi-ballistic single-stage solid rocket 9M723 ground tactical complex “Iskander”.

Later it became known the plans to equip the “Daggers” of a supersonic missile-bomber Tu-22M3, each of which, unlike the MiG-31K, should receive not one, but four.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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