Estimated calling Russia an enemy of the Americans


Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

More than a third of Americans consider Russia an enemy of the United States. These are the results of a survey conducted by Reuters in conjunction with research company Ipsos in the aftermath of the 16 July summit of the presidents of the two countries.

In General, Moscow was considered an enemy of Washington, 38 percent of respondents. About the same thought that she is a rival of the United States, and only eight that one. Significant proved to be the difference in this question between Republicans and Democrats. So, half of the last calls Russia the enemy, while support among the Republican party, their third.

The actions of the American leader Donald trump against Moscow did not approve, 55 percent of respondents, and supported them 37. Among Republicans the approval level was very high: 71 percent vs. 14 for the Democrats.

With the conclusions of the U.S. intelligence community about Russia’s intervention in the 2016 elections agreed most (59 per cent). Slightly more than half of respondents also considered that the evidence linking the administration of the tramp with Moscow are likely to be found.

At the same time it trump in Helsinki, criticized by politicians, has not affected the approval rating of his activities as a whole: he was supported by 42 per cent between 40 and 44 that were recorded earlier in July. Participated in the poll of 1011 people, including 453 identified themselves as Republicans, and 399 — to the Democrats.

Previously, trump said that he does not consider Russia an enemy. The US President also acknowledged Moscow’s intervention in the American elections. He stated that he misspoke during the summit Russia — USA in Helsinki, saying that he sees no reasons for which Russia could intervene in elections.

Negotiations between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and trump were held in Helsinki on 16 July, they became the first full meeting of the heads of the two countries. After it, the American President stated that bad relations between the States both sides are to blame.

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