Farmer 20 years off going to the doctor and earned a tumor the size of your head


Photo: page Goal Post Media to Facebook

The farmer from India decided to remove the tumor that was growing on his neck for 20 years. About it reports The Daily Mail.

55-year-old man named Somay (Somai) thought that the tumor on his body — just an inflamed thyroid gland. He decided to go to the doctors only when the tumour was the size of his head.

The doctors removed the tumor weighed 1.4 kg. The operation lasted three and a half hours. Education was benign.

The doctor who conducted the operation, said that it was quite difficult. The tumor was pressing on the carotid artery of the patient, so the decision that we have to operate, accepted immediately.

The farmer admitted that for the first time in a very long time, ceased to feel a headache. At the moment, the man recovering from surgery, soon he will go home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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