Ghost town in the Wild West was bought for $ 1.4 million


Photo: Susan Sterner / AP

The deserted mining town of kerro Proudly in the U.S. state of California sold for $ 1.4 million. It is reported by CNN.

Kerro Proudly appeared in 1865, adjacent to the silver mine. For some time he was ranked first in the state for the extraction of silver and lead. According to the agent for the sale of real estate, the town was an integral part of the Wild West. “During his heyday there on average once a week had a murder,” he says.

After the fall in the value of silver and oil people began to leave Kerro Proudly. Then came the big fire, and the city was completely deserted. The city has preserved 22 buildings, including a hotel, a saloon, a Museum, a chapel and a hostel for workers, which has been empty for several decades.

Kerro Proudly put up for sale about a month ago at a starting price of 925 thousand dollars. Since received about a dozen proposals worth up to two million dollars. The new owner of the city has become an investment group, which intends to turn it into a tourist attraction.

The deal was concluded on Friday, the 13th. “In the spirit of this Ghost town,” commented the agent for the sale of real estate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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