Google will pay billions for dominance


Photo: Axel Schmidt / Reuters

The European Commission has fined a subsidiary of the American company Google — Google — for violation of the Antimonopoly legislation, the American company has paid a preset own search engine on mobile devices. This is stated in the report of the European authority. The penalty will be of 4.34 billion euros.

“Google used Android OS as a means to strengthen its search engine in the market,” — are reported words of the European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager, who assured that there is no policy decision of European Commission no.

The results of the investigation by the European authorities came to the conclusion that an American company paid to manufacturers of smartphones in the preset search engine and browser from Google, which has led to a dominant position and the creation of a non-competitive environment in this market.

“Our business involves three types of restrictions that Google has imposed on almost all devices based on Android. They demanded that the traffic from devices not left the information system of Google,” explained the Commissioner.

To rectify the situation Google has 90 days, otherwise the company will face new penalties of up to five percent of average daily turnover of the parent company Alphabet. Google is already said to Bloomberg that they will appeal the decision of the European Commission. The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai noted that Europe “rejects the business model of Android, which only expanded the choice, certainly not reduced”.

Google is not the first time receives claims from the European Commission for a dominant position in the market. Last year, the company has already been fined by 2.42 billion euros for abusing its own position in the market.

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