Hang baby sitter-Ukrainian pleaded guilty and remained free


Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

In the U.S. state of Minnesota made the baby sitter left at liberty. This writes The Star Tribune.

Natalia Kariya, a native of Ukraine, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and refused evaluation capacity. She was sentenced to 10 months probation and undergo psychiatric treatment. She can live with her adult son, but it will lose the right to see the other three children of two, seven and ten years, without supervision, the newspaper writes.

The court sentenced the woman to prison because a medical examination confirmed that she was not inclined to repeated violation of the law. The judge noted that the circumstances “were the perfect storm” that befell the defendant.

According to the materials of the case, in November 2016 one of the customers of Caria came to her home to leave with her three year old daughter. Then the nurse told him that he “did something bad”. According to the man, he heard a baby crying and went down to the basement, where they found hanged at children’s tights baby. The child later was taken to the hospital, he was able to save.

Kariya tried to flee the scene in his car. However, the way she hit the cyclist and crashed into another vehicle that was leading a pregnant woman. Both victims survived. She was a criminal, then tried to jump off a bridge road junction. Police managed to stop her and take her to the office.

In the course of the investigation, the woman told me that she had suffered from domestic violence. She and her children moved to her husband in the United States in 2006. Since immigration husband abused her and over her children were beaten and threatened with death. She told the court that when she was pregnant with younger daughter, husband punched her in the stomach because she didn’t get pregnant boy.

After the verdict, Kariya promised to comply with the court orders and said “thank God that nobody died.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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