In Russia recorded a decline of corruption


Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

Russian entrepreneurs are less likely to encounter corruption. This is evidenced by another study “Business corruption barometer”, conducted by the chamber of Commerce. Its exposure leads to RBC.

Approximately 39 percent of respondents said that he noticed a decrease in the level of corruption over the last year. For comparison, six months ago the figure was 25 percent. The growth of corruption has recorded 9.5 per cent of the respondents, 31.8 percent did not notice any changes.

Still, 10.3% of respondents did not just see corruption around, but constantly encounter it in their work. However, this rate also decreased in October 2017 was 13.1 percent. 72.1% said that dealing with corruption from time to time, 17.6 percent never encountered it.

Business representatives talked about the most corrupt areas of its activities. The leaders were obtaining certificates and permits (39.1 per cent) and Supervisory activities (34.5 percent). In the field of public procurement and compliance with sanitary norms of corruption have become smaller, but their number has increased in registration of transactions with real estate and closing companies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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