It is estimated billions of dollars in the earnings of Russian bloggers


Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

The total earnings of all Russian bloggers is about 10 billion rubles a year. This was told by Deputy Minister for digital development, communications and mass communications of Russia Alexey Volin, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, in Russia there are about 15-17 thousand bloggers. He noted that the level of earnings at all of them varies. Novice bloggers earn tens of thousands of rubles per month, and the salary of more experienced millions of rubles.

Wolin has called the growing market of bloggers and compared their activities with the profession of a journalist.

“If the blogger is using their labor earning money and doing it professionally, then it is nothing different from a journalist. A person with a license or certificate does not make him a journalist. If you are a professional production and sale of information, you work on the media market, regardless of registered with you as the media or not,” said the official.

In early April, the famous Russian journalist and video blogger Yuri Dude talked about his earnings. The author of the popular YouTube channel “wdud” stated that his annual income does not exceed five million rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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