Journalists ribbing started a fight with a former football player of Russian national team


Sergey Kiracofe: Andrey Varankov / RIA Novosti

Sports journalists began to actively discuss the act of a former football player Sergei Kiryakova, hit the browser “Sport-Express” Igor Rabiner. Their opinions are published in the personal Twitter accounts.

Known commentator Vasily Utkin wrote that condemns unreservedly any activity associated with assault and battery. In addition, he was named to start a fight Kiryakova an idiot and advised Rabiner “filter market”. “Shame to get ***** (person) in such a servile and worthless text” — summed up Utkin.

First Deputy chief editor of “Sport-Express” Dmitry Simonov also called a former football player idiot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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