Left without water Russians began to issue its passports


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Residents of Severouralsk of the Sverdlovsk region for three days to live without drinking water due to the collapse of the river bed of di — tap water is heavily polluted, stores mineral water ended. For the water people began to fight, writes Znak.com.

Clean water started to bring in the city on machines that periodically break down on the way. One person is given only two liters a day and their passports. To get a bottle, must be recorded in special lists, and a few hours to stand in line in the heat.

Bottled water was purchased at the expense of the city budget. The press service of the local administration said that the purchase is allocated 250 thousand roubles.

Through the website of the municipality officials continuously inform citizens about the situation. The head of the municipal district Vasily Matyushenko and the Director of the local water utility Aman Karasaev are now on leave to stop him from not going.

For information about the incident reacted Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev. In his Instagram he said that promptly organize an emergency supply of drinking water in the city. He promised that in the coming hours, citizens will have sufficient water. “We will investigate the causes of the incident and to look, how to behave officials in the city,” he wrote.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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