Officials decided to repair the road planted with potato pits in Samara


Frame: Ushka / YouTube

The authorities of Samara ordered to repair the broken road that last ten years, always complained about the locals. This was reported on the website of the local Department of urban development. During this time the track had become a meme and art objects.

The reconstruction will be conducted in two stages: at first will repair the area from Penza street to the Moscow highway, then from Penza to Mountain street. It is planned to restore 2.2 miles of coverage.

Local residents began to complain to the officials on the road back in 2010 and even turned to the Prosecutor. In response was carried out only cosmetic repairs — the pit covered an asphalt crumb, and soon there were new potholes that are called “lunar craters”. To draw attention to the issue, in may of this year the Samara artist Leo Ushakov staged a performance called “holiday season” and put the holey pavement four kilograms of potatoes. All this he recorded on video and sent to the regional Governor Dmitry Azarov. He promised to investigate. Later, the statement was arranged in the same place a new campaign, during which filled the potholes were dancing ballerina.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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