Resting on the beach pierced the flying umbrella


Photo: @insert4coins

In the United States in a tourist from the UK flew a beach umbrella and pierced her ankle. This was reported by newspaper the Independent.

Margaret Reynolds (Margaret Reynolds) was resting on one of the beaches of new Jersey when it suddenly flew a beach umbrella and pierced her foot through.

According to the local Sheriff Tommy Boyd (Tommy Boyd), firefighters had to cut the base of the umbrella with the bolt cutters to put the 67-year-old victim in the ambulance. The umbrella did not belong to the British, and came from the other end of the beach.

The incident described in your Instagram user Ricky Z: “This woman was pierced in the leg with an umbrella in one and a half meters away from me. Because of the strong wind on the beach started flying two umbrellas. One flew God knows where, the other IN HER LEG. It could be me!”

The publication contacted the hospital. The doctors confirmed that Reynolds was hospitalized, but I can’t say anything about her condition.

In early March it was reported about the death of a woman pierced through the umbrella while walking on the beach in windy weather. The autopsy showed that the blow parasol struck the chest muscles, broke ribs and damaged the left ventricle of the heart.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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