Ass trump tried to connect with the Russian pipeline



Reddit users are trying to get in the top Google search queries photo with playing tennis U.S. President Donald trump, shot in the back. Users want the picture to be displayed when the introduction request “Russian pipeline” (russian pipeline).

“The Russian pipeline. Let this be the first image that people will see by entering in Google “Russian pipeline”,” — wrote the author of the post with the nickname GucciGameboy.

To associate a picture with the phrase “Russian pipeline”, users began to repeat this phrase under the photo many times. Published some cumbersome positions where the phrase Donald Trump Russia Pipeline was repeated hundreds of times in a row. Post scored 84 thousand approval votes. As of noon July 19, the user has not yet managed to get Google to show ass trump query russian pipeline.

The post broke the top of Reddit, getting a lot of favorable reactions and sarcastic comments about trump. Users discussed the physical form of the President and his briefs. Some wrote that its shape resembles a bag, stuffed with cheese. “No wonder he had to pay for sex since 1990-ies” — ironically the user
nick Sylvester_Scott.

Someone joked that he had noticed on the buttocks trump initials of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “These hips could be a lot of children,” writes NotADoucheBag.

Opposed to the policy of trump users are reminded that, according to the chief White house doctor Ronny Jackson, the American President possesses excellent health and could live to 200 years if in the past complied with the right way of life.

Some Americans are up in arms against trump after during a meeting with Putin in Helsinki on 16 July he did not speak about the intervention of Russia and personally Russian leader in a presidential election, a sentiment the American special services. Instead, during the talks, the White house stated that bad relations between the States both sides are to blame.

After negotiations, the trump called Putin to blame for Russia’s intervention in the American elections in 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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