Chelyabinsk University was sued spoke about the low salary of teacher


Alfred Sinesipho: Agora

In Chelyabinsk the South Ural state agrarian University was sued by a teacher Zainasheva Alfred, who told journalists about his low salary. The University decided that the man harmed the honor and reputation of the employer, writes “Radio Freedom”.

During the first trial, the plaintiff was unable to refute the information about the salary of the teacher and shall provide necessary documents at the next hearing in late July.

“The article came out in December of last year, but in court they decided to go in the spring when elections are held. Brother of the rector, the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Anatoly Litovchenko, also mentioned in that article. And it is noteworthy that the lawsuit was filed in the court which is in the same building as the public reception of the Deputy Litovchenko”, — said Zainichi.

Article where to Zainasheva filed in court, published in “Russian press” on December 1, 2017. It said that the last four years, teachers ‘ salaries do not grow. In June 2017, Zainichi earned at the University of 27 thousand roubles — seven thousand less than the regional average. But the administration began to get bigger. So, in 2016, the monthly income of the rector Litovchenko increased by more than 60 thousand rubles compared to a year earlier. This increase in payments to the administrative staff formally raised the average level of wages across the University and allowed to perform the may decrees of the President.

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