Chinese woman seven years saw diet pills and fat half



A resident of China has spent 200 million yuan (1.8 million rubles) in an attempt to lose weight and gained weight twice. This publication reports Chengdu Business Daily.

The girl under the pseudonym Xiaoli (Xiaoli) first decided to try diet pills when she was 18 years old. Then she saw the advertisement of supplements which have just started to gain popularity on TV. At the beginning of their admission, she weighed about 45 pounds.

First, the drugs really worked, but as soon as she stopped taking them, the weight came back and then increased compared with the initial performance.

This prompted Xiaoli to the fact that she began to try other supplements and a varied diet. However, every time she stopped to stick another way, the weight is only increased and after seven years reached 90 kg. In addition, due to uncontrolled taking the pills she began to have liver problems.

In early July, the Chinese decided on surgery to reduce stomach volume.

The doctor confirmed that the main reason for sudden weight gain are medications. According to them, funds which have adopted Xiaoli, suppress appetite and provide a laxative effect, but a detrimental effect on her psychological state and eating habits.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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