Died rejected rare baby red Panda


Photo: @SacramentoZoo

Abandoned mother-cub the red Panda died in a us zoo. This was reported by news portal ABC 10.

Cub rare animal was born in late June at the zoo in Sacramento, California. Parents were nine-year-old male Takeo and seven-year-old female Drank. The mother rejected the cubs, so zoo staff had to raise him alone.

He fed every three hours and kept in the incubator in the hope that he will recover from hypothermia. But it has not helped: a three-week cub died from pneumonia.

Red or small Panda — an endangered species. According to various estimates, in the world there from 2,5 thousand to 10 thousand individuals. The restoration of the population is complicated by the fact that only half of cubs in captivity don’t die within the first month of life.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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