In Kiev in the office of the opposition party rushed the machine gunners


Photo: The Central Committee Of The Communist Party Of Ukraine

In the headquarters of the Communist party of Ukraine (KPU) with a search warrant raided by armed security forces. Reports about it “Golosa”.

Came with a search warrant were presented by the staff of postal and telecommunications. They have not provided the documents authorizing the search.

“While it is expected of lawyers, for me it is unclear on what basis the cyber-police raided the offices officially the ruling party, without naming the criminal characterization of the case,” commented the leader of the CPU Petro Symonenko.

Security forces armed with machine guns. They do not release employees from the office and took their phones. The website of the Communist party at the time of writing the news worked.

The cyber-police is a special unit of the National police of Ukraine involved in cybercrime.

This is not the first search at the Ukrainian Communists for the last time. In may of this year field investigators of security Service of Ukraine (SBU) conducted searches in the office of the Communist party and home.. Security forces found propaganda materials “aimed at overthrowing the government” and party symbols (the activity of the Communist party, and its symbolism is forbidden in Ukraine). In addition, the apartment building found “a subject similar to a pistol with a silencer” and 120 cartridges to it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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