In the northernmost forest of the world appeared trail



The staff of the Directorate “nature Reserves of Taimyr” was built in located on the Peninsula of the northernmost forest in the world—, Ary-Mas nature trail for tourists, according to TASS.

“He Ary-Mas small: 20 kilometres long and four kilometres at its widest point. The total area of 156 square kilometers. However, there is a wide variety (about 90) species of birds”, — told about the features of the trail the Deputy Directorate Ekaterina Lisovskaya.

She said that the design was calculated allowable travel load, which will not harm the forest ecosystem. In the preparation of the route and participated in the schools on the Peninsula are the environmental and ethnographic camp for pupils of the school from the village of Khatanga, one of the northernmost towns of Russia. The six kilometre path called “Legends of the lake Bogatyr-K’uel” — in honor of the largest body of water in these places.

Lisovskaya added that the route is mainly on local residents. “You know that with the tourist potential of us hard – Taimyr impossible mass tourism is too dependent on changing weather conditions. But we want to work on this route with the local population,” she said. According to her, several times a year in the Ary-Mas still get tourists from the mainland, and there are projects regular check-in groups, including foreign ones, but visit the forests, including ecological trails will be strictly limited. “It’s not taiga, it’s a very fragile object will limit visits to avoid being trampled”, she said.

Ary-Mas is called “runaway forest”: is part of the Taimyr reserve, created in 1979, and located 72 degrees of North latitude, then how in the world the Northern border of the forests is determined at 68 parallel. From Ary-Mas to the North, and the Arctic Ocean of trees is no more.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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