Israel was accused of apartheid revival


Photo: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

Israeli Arabs revolted adopted by the Parliament the law under which it acquires the status of a nation-state and “home of the Jewish people” in which Jews have the right to self-determination. The bill approved 62 of the 120 members of the Knesset, with 55 MPs spoke against innovations, reports Haaretz.

The act on the national Jewish state also notes that the capital of the country is the “United Jerusalem” and its official language only recognized the Hebrew. To this the Arab equivalent to him is given “special status”. At the same time a national priority, recognizes the establishment only of Jewish settlements, and the state is obliged to promote the unity of the Jewish people.

It also States that the norms of traditional Jewish law and the basic principles of the Jewish tradition will be a source of law for the judicial system of the country.

The document provoked a storm of criticism from representatives of the non-Jewish population in Parliament. Immediately after the adoption of the law, the members of the Arab Diaspora began to tear a copy of the paper in protest and were removed from the courtroom.

“We were given to understand that we are not welcome here, — said the representative of the party “General list”, representing the interests of Israeli Arabs, Ayman Odeh. — The Parliament adopted a law establishing Jewish rule and accepts us second-class citizens”.

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech and said that “Israel is the only country in the middle East, recognizing the rights of Jews,” from the audience was heard shouting: “You adopted the law on apartheid, a racist law!”

In 2017, the Knesset Plenum approved in a preliminary reading a bill on the national state of the Jewish people. Then, for the adoption of the document voted 48 deputies, against — 41.

Arabs make up about 20 percent of the eight million population of Israel. By law, they are equal to Jewish rights, but often complain of actual discrimination.

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