Kiev refused to fear Russian sanctions


Vladimir Greymantle: Vladislav Musienko / Ukrafoto

The introduction of Russian sanctions against Ukrainian individuals and legal entities is meaningless, and Kiev is not afraid of decisions of Moscow. On Thursday, July 19, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, reports “Gordon”.

“We are not afraid of their decisions. In any case we will be tough against the aggressor. We will make more measures, including in the international arena, so everyone was punished for their crimes. And the introduction of sanctions against Ukraine is just nonsense, which I’m not surprised,” he said.

According Groisman, it is difficult to assess how much damage Russia has done to Ukraine is “a sovereign, European state.” “More than 10 thousand killed and nearly 30 thousand wounded, 1 million 700 thousand forced migrants due to the fact that their house was occupied by militants, and that they want to impose sanctions,” he listed Prime Minister.

“Anything with impunity in this world happens. I believe that everyone who makes decisions about military orders, about the seizures, about the shelling and so on, will bear responsibility”, — he added.

On 20 July, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing sources in the White house announced the development of the government of Russia presidential decree on sanctions against individuals and legal entities of Ukraine, among which will be prominent businessmen and officials. Specific names would be the Ministry of economy, Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of Finance. Sanctions will imply the blocking of assets of parties to list in Russia and a prohibition on withdrawal of capital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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