Named a new way to avoid breast cancer


Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

Scientists of the Global health Institute in Barcelona (Spain) came to the conclusion that the long interval between the last meal and bedtime reduces the risk of developing breast cancer and prostate glands. Article researchers published in the International Journal of Cancer, reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

Experts have analysed 621 cases of cancer of the prostate and 1205 breast cancer cases. In the control group was composed of 872 men and 1321 women. Among the study participants, a survey was conducted, in which they reported sleep time and meal.

It turned out that those who went to bed two hours after dinner, the risk of development of malignant neoplasms has decreased by 20 percent compared to those who sleep began immediately after the last meal. A similar effect was observed in those who had dinner before nine o’clock in the evening compared to people who ate after 10 PM.

Experts believe that the main role is played by the circadian rhythms of man. According to the researchers, if the results obtained are confirmed by other scientists, it will help in creating the new recommendations on cancer prevention.

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