Nobel prize a century later accused of racism


Rudyard, Kaplinghat: Scherl /

Students from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom) painted over the text of Rudyard Kipling’s “If” that adorned the wall of one of the buildings. They found the author of “the jungle Book” racist, reports The Sun.

Line works were written on the housing wall of the student Union, its representatives was inappropriate, explaining that Kipling spoke “against the expansion of rights and liberties.” The text covered with a layer of whitewash on top of which caused the poem “still I rise,” the American poet Maya Angelou.

In the opinion of the employee Union Sarah Khan, “If”, published in 1910, Kipling seeks to legitimize the presence of the British Empire in India and the dehumanization of people with different skin color.

A representative of the University said that the University administration understands the reasons why students did so. At the same time, he stressed the importance of the Union to uphold the principles of inclusivity, equity and the extension of rights and freedoms in school. He added that the leadership realizes the mistake it made, not knowing the opinions of the students before starting work.

Rudyard Kipling, the first British writer who won the Nobel prize for literature. One of the most famous of his works is a collection of stories “the jungle Book” on which the Disney Studio made two feature-length cartoon in 1967 and 2003. Kipling — the author of the novel “Kim” and numerous poems.

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