Sharks have attacked on two children on the coast of the USA


Photo: Barbara Pollina page in Facebook

In the United States off the coast of fire island in new York shark attacked two children. This was reported by news portal ABC7 New York.

The incident occurred on the evening of Wednesday 18 July. First, shark bites 13-year-old Matthew Donaldson (Matthew Donaldson). Boy blown away from the bodyboard — Board for riding on the coastal waves in the prone position. Then he felt the pain in his leg.

“It was not very painful, more scary. It happened quickly, in just a second,” admitted the teenager. The boy immediately pulled on shore, was taken to hospital and discharged the same evening.

After half an hour on the beach not far from sharks injured 12-year-old Pollin Lola (Lola Pollina). The girl splashed in the shallow water and entered the water even on the chest. She told me that the bite didn’t hurt until the police began to inspect it. She was also taken to the hospital and was soon discharged.

The rescuer of Bella Cohen (Bella Coan) noted that the island has never been such incidents, and in the state it happened for the first time in 70 years. The beaches are temporarily closed.

According to BBC News, the head of the rescuers on the water Craig Amaranda (Craig Amarando) confirmed that the children were attacked by sharks. This conclusion was made by ambulance doctors, who extracted a tooth from the wound of the boy. He also noted that predatory fish started mating season and they can be aggressive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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