Shot to death his mother, the politician came to the defense of weapons


Bobby Wilsonthe: Arizona”s Family

American politician from Arizona resulted in the murder of his own mother in an argument in defense of the free bearing of arms. Reported by the New York Daily News.

Bobby Wilson (Bobby Wilson), a Republican Senate candidate from Illinois, believes that possession of firearms should, as it gives the opportunity to protect themselves from criminals. “The only way to stop a crazy psychopath who kills people is a good guy with a gun” — he said and added that he is a living proof of that.

According to Wilson, when he was 18 years old, his mother tried to shoot him with a semi-automatic rifle while he slept. However, he woke up on time and dodging six bullets, was able to get out from under the bed single-shot rifle and killed the attackers.

In his book “Courts Bobby” (Bobby’s Trials), he wrote that the mother killed her second child, sister, politician, survived only he and their house that night burned to the ground.

As writes the edition, after these events, the man was put behind bars, but later recanted and was released.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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