The government will raise pensions


Maxim Topicinfo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin during the discussion of pension reform in the State Duma promised that as a result of changes in the system, pensioners will benefit — the size of their benefits will grow significantly. The words of the Minister RIA Novosti reported.

According to the Minister, by 2024, payments to pensioners will increase by almost 50 percent. “By 2024, the ratio of pension pensioners amount to about 200 percent of the poverty line, and now, I remind you, we are with you at 163-164 per cent. This will very seriously change the situation with pensions”, — assured the Minister.

Topilin noted that even many European countries an increase in the retirement age is not changed, if not reduced the size of pension benefits. As an example, he cited Greece, where the retirement age was increased by two years. The Minister assured that the pension reform is carried out for the benefit of the Russians, for the future. “All proceeds from raising the retirement age are exclusively for the increase of pensions to non-working pensioners”, — says Topilin, noting that by 2024, the average pension will reach 20 thousand rubles.

The labor Minister noted that in recent years, the pension is growing at an average of 500 rubles a year, but this increase only enough to cover inflation, the proposed reform will allow to make a breakthrough in this direction.

The state Duma Committee on budget and taxes had previously calculated that the rejection of the pension reform will be very costly — transfer to the Pension Fund of Russia can grow up to five trillion rubles.

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