The new enemy of James bond for the first time in 20 years will be Russian


Photo: Columbia Pictures / ZumaPress /

The antagonist in the new film about James bond, the release of which is scheduled for 2019, will be a Russian villain. The last time such an enemy of agent 007 appeared in the ribbon 1999 “world is not enough”, the newspaper writes Daily Mail.

Reporters found that the producers of the next part of James bond looking for the actor from 30 to 60 years “from Russia or c of the Balkan Peninsula”. The artist will be required to play a “charismatic, domineering, inventive, cold and vengeful” character.

In addition, sources told the newspaper that the new “bond girl” could be Russian — for the role are looking for bright actress with martial arts skills for the role of “smart, brave, funny, fierce and charming” character.

The last Russian enemy agent was a former KGB agent Renard, who became a terrorist.

The Director of the new part of James bond will be made by the Creator of the picture “Trainspotting” Danny Boyle. The role of bond performed by Daniel Craig previously played the agent in the film “007: Spectrum”, “007: Coordinates “Skayfoll””, “quantum of solace” and “Casino Royale”.

In September 2017, a source revealed the details of the plot of the new part of the franchise. According to him, bond leaves the secret service and married, but his wife kill.

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