American has promised to beat nursing mothers and lost his job


Carly Clarkfork: page Carly Clark at Facebook

The US resident Carly Clark (Carly Clark) in an attempt to Express outrage about feeding in public places has threatened the mothers beatings. Fasting girls provoked a strong reaction of Internet users, reports The Sun.

“I’m not sorry. The next woman that tries to get your Breasts for feeding the baby near my kids, get a black eye. And remove the baby because I hit him too,” wrote Clark on his page in Facebook. She later deleted the account.

The post American woman quickly attracted public attention. Many of the young mothers were offended by the words Clark. “She threatens me and my child! I live in the same state, I breastfeed my nine-month-old daughter when she’s hungry, wherever we were,” said the frightened woman. “How do people, especially women have this mentality? How funny,” wrote another user.

In response to the angry comments Carly said that her post was intended for one specific person. She spoke about the “very immature” behavior of a stranger that came to her work at the pet store and began to feed her baby breast in front of her children.

The explanation of women did not change the situation, so users have continued to write negative comments about her behavior. Later at the problem also drew the attention of the employees at the pet store where he worked Carly. They said they were not going to tolerate violence, so fired the employee and apologized for the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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