American sailors looked at women and wanted to wear a beard


Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Men in the naval forces of the United States, asked to allow them to wear beards. Reported by the New York Post.

According to the publication, previously serving in the ranks of the naval forces, women were allowed to wear a hairstyle “ponytail” and the tresses, despite the fact that for a long time rules were forbidden to dissolve the hair.

Immediately after that the male soldiers in social networks asked the leadership to allow them to grow a beard. The hashtag #WeWantBeards in Facebook reposted thousands of times. Beards in the U.S. Navy banned since 1984 for security reasons: they can interfere with the right to wear breathing apparatus and protective mask during a fire.

The leadership of the naval forces notes that these norms are still valid and will not change because they are their observance is important for the safety and maintenance of professional appearance.

As noted by officer Travis rider, permission to wear a beard will increase the morale of the men also, as it happened with a pony-tail and women. He noted that the beard and the shoes are of higher quality — those are the things that can make men soldiers happier.

Now the sailors are allowed to wear beards for religious reasons or assuming that the skin condition does not allow them to shave.

Earlier bearded users of social networks have launched a flash mob with the goal to take a picture of yourself to the impression of a lack of face. Many users of these pictures scared.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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