Blogger Maddison declared enemy of Ukraine


Ilya Maddiecat: MaddysonShow / YouTube

Russian videoblogger and streamer Ilya Davydov, better known as Ilya Maddison, entered into the database of the Ukrainian “Peacemaker”. He was there for provocations, Ukrainophobia and anti-Ukrainian propaganda, it is noted on the center’s website.

As grounds for this decision “the Peacemaker” brought some videos about Ukrainians shot by Maddison, and his posts on social networks.

16 Jul blogger condemned under article 282 of the criminal code “inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”. According to journalists, the comedian was punished for the old video, in which he talked about religion. Maddison was sentenced to fifteen years probation.

The blogger gained fame thanks to the humorous video reviews clips, movies and computer games. Netizens call him “king of Runet” or “king of gaming related”.

The center “Peacemaker” explores the grounds of crimes against national security of Ukraine. At its base were hundreds of Russians and citizens of other countries — mainly due to the visit to the Crimea or the anti-Ukrainian rhetoric.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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