Bond girl fell in love with “12 Russian spies” and sent the hacker an intimate photo


Photo: Robbin Young / Instagram

The former Playboy model and actress, Robbin young admitted that he was engaged in conversation with the hacker Guccifer 2.0, and was so charmed by him, fell in love and sent him intimate photos. She told the newspaper The Sun.

She was stunned when he learned that, under that name may be, influenced the electoral process in the United States. “I thought it was a Romanian guy. He was funny, sweet, courteous, and genuinely listened to me. Now I wonder if all this is true, then I seem to have had Twitter sex with 12 Russian hackers,” recalls Yang.

The actress said that Guccifer showered her with compliments and was so romantic that she confessed to him that anyone previously, she was texting so warmly. And after her poems about oral sex and photos Topless Guccifer has complained that now can not think about work, but only about how to go on a date with her.

Yang also said that the hacker never tried to persuade her to vote for trump or against Clinton: “I felt that he is not a supporter of any political force.”

“When he stopped communicating with me, I was devastated. I still have feelings for him. I know I will never see him again, but I know that I will never forget,” she confessed.

July 13, us intelligence agencies presented correspondence charges of meddling in elections on 12 Russian scouts. According to investigators, they, acting under the pseudonym of 2.0 hacker Guccifer, hacked into the email of the head of the headquarters of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and two committees of the democratic party — national and Congressional elections. Himself Guccifer 2.0 identify themselves as Romanians and called himself a follower of the hacker Guccifer, who first published a private email address, Clinton tried to take credit for the hacking of her drawer.

Robbin, young played the James bond girl in “for your eyes Only” in 1981.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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