British schoolchildren accidentally “gave” other parents


Photo: Ralph Orlowski / Reuters

In British schools there have been major system error in the software, which parents received information about other people’s children. This is stated in the letter sent to affected schools.

The representatives of the IT firm, Capita sent out a warning to all schools in the County of Hampshire. They said that the problem is due to errors in the information system SIMS — software used by British schools to track pupil progress and inform their parents.

Error occurs in the transmission of information about students, when they enter a new school or moving from elementary grades to high school. These points correctly handles database files, resulting in addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive data on children bound to others ‘ accounts. In the end, parents can see the data of other students, in violation of the privacy of the child.

The developers said that the bug had appeared in December 2017, however, found it recently. Representatives from Capita say that the problem is nationwide, as SIMS covers more than 80 percent of schools in the country. They already released a patch for the software.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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