Curious Koala saved from hitting the electrodes


Photo: @SAPowerNetworks

In Australia saved curious Koala, whose head is stuck in a metal fence at an electrical substation. Reported by ABC News.

An employee of the Foundation animal rescue Fauna Rescue Paul Robertson noted that the Koala was found by a passerby. According to him, the animal is lucky it was not able to climb the fence, and managed to avoid blows of an electric current, which could lead to death.

The operator of the Fund Sarah Sellwood said that the Koala is not the first time he was in trouble, as evidenced by the yellow tag in the ear. Previously he was found in the yards, where they were dogs. The woman said that the animal could free itself if knew to sit on the ground, and added, “he seems to like to get into trouble.”

Rescued Koala was examined by the specialists, after which he returned to the wild.

In September 2017 in Australia found a Koala who drove 16 kilometers to the axis of the SUV.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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