France was fired and was taken into custody beat people Advisor Macron


Alexander Bendalite: Regis Duvignau / Reuters

Advisor to the President of France Emmanuel Makron security Alexander Benalla taken into custody on charges of “violence by persons carrying public service”. Reports radio station France Info, citing the Prosecutor’s office.

Benalla suspect in the beating of the participant of a may day demonstration in Paris. As Reuters reports, the French leader dismissed the Advisor after new details emerged of the case. However, many have condemned Him for what he has not taken such measures earlier.

July 19, the newspaper Le Monde reported that Benalla beat a man at the demonstration in the French capital. It happened may 1, while the incident was recorded on video, but to establish who captured the footage, was not immediately apparent.

In the video the man in black helmet and civilian clothes at first behaved rudely and pushes the girl. He then grabs the police surrounded a young man begins his somewhere to drag on the ground and beating him in front of witnesses. The guards do not disrupt the man. He abruptly stops his actions and goes when he says that it is removed.

Benalla was the head of security Rules during his election campaign, and then became responsible for the security of the head of state at various events. July 19 it became known that the man decided to remove from office for just two weeks. However, the next day it decided to fire.

It is noted that Benalla may 1, was allowed only to observe the actions of law enforcement officers. He was allowed to do it after he expressed interest in the work of law enforcement to the demonstrations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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