Half a billion rubles were found in a refrigerator in a vacant apartment


Archived fotofoto: Sergei Vasiliev / “Kommersant”

Half a billion rubles was discovered by investigators during a search in apartment on the street Gastello in St. Petersburg, the newspaper reports MR7.ru.

The event was held on 19 July in the framework of the criminal case about illegal cashing in of money.

In a vacant apartment, law enforcement officials found nothing until she opened the refrigerator. There fell money. To export a large amount of cash operatives called SWAT of Regardie.

As the newspaper notes, in 2017, the MVD seized in one of the apartments on the street Gastello 605 million rubles.

14 December 2017 it was reported about the seizure from the apartment 54-the summer inhabitant of St.-Petersburg more than half a billion rubles, which were hidden inside the sleeping sofa. The money was also discovered during the search on criminal case about illegal banking activity. According to investigators, last year five nominal Petersburg companies spent more than 650 million rubles. According to preliminary estimates, the underground bankers earned more than 50 million.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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