In Yellowstone went crack


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The staff of the National Park Grand Teton, which is 16 km from Yellowstone National Park has closed some areas due to growing cracks. At the same time, faults not associated with a possible eruption of the volcano. It is reported by Science Alert.

As writes the edition, the Rangers found rocks of crack length up to 30 meters in area waterfalls hidden. This place has been closed for tourists, because there is concern that people may fall stones.

Grand Teton forms a Large ecosystem of Yellowstone, which includes Yellowstone national Park and adjoining forests and other natural areas. Although he is not above the magma chambers in this area also, there is seismic activity. According to experts, periodic tremors are the norm, and that they could cause cracks.

In the spring of 2018 in Yellowstone National Park recorded the unusual activity of the world’s largest Steamboat geyser. Only six weeks there have been three powerful eruption, although usually the interval between emissions to water range from one month to five years.

The Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO last erupted two and a half million years ago. A series of eruptions left on the surface of a giant Caldera with a diameter of tens of kilometers, however, the repetition of such catastrophic events is still unlikely.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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